General Zod Gets Sucked Off

General Zod Enters in his full spandex suit. 


“Since the Justice League has not met my demands I will give a demonstration of my power”


He Grabs Lance Hart who is bound at the wrists. 


“what do you want from me “ Lance begs, knowing he has nowhere near the strength to defeat Zod he will do whatever Zod asks of him.


Zod Humiliates him and asks if he would like the way that his boots would taste.

He makes Lance lick and worship his boots.  Lance licks and worships his boots. Zod encourages him to lick every inch of his boots, to not miss a single inch.


“Did you like the way that tastes? Maybe you would like the way something else would taste”


Zod sits back and makes Lance start sucking on his cock. 


“Once you have Zods cock is in your mouth you will want it in your mouth forever…”